We are a team of professional lifesavers with hundreds of years of lifesaving experience between us. Our vision is to give both kids and adults in society the training required to be successful in aquatic activities. Over the years there has been a recent spike in the fatality rates of casualties who have died from drowning at the beach or attacked by dangerous sea creatures and this prompted us to come together to form this organization. This is aimed centrally at imparting the necessary training required to avoid fatalities in the water.

We started with just 15 members a few years ago, and we now have over 720 members who help safeguard the beaches with over 150,000 visitors who come around summer, and we have performed over 500+ rescues and 300+ first aid situations.

We have over 120 active patrol members on ground at any given time and over 400 young children training in our junior club program. We offer excellent training to new club members to help them achieve their goal of becoming proficient lifesavers in the society. We also provide further certification for more experienced members who want to become professionally certified lifesavers and who would like to work in a marine environment.

No matter who you are or where you come from, our lifesaving club has a special package for your gender, age, or swimming proficiency. Everybody has a function to play and it takes a whole range of skills to successfully run a lifesaving club. Our young kiddies program takes care of children and young adults from the ages of 7 – 17 and many of these kids we have trained have gone on to become professionally certified lifesavers. The aim of our club is to reduce the loss of life by providing the required lifesaving help.

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If you have any questions or comments in relation to resource needed from this website, please try to contact us.

If you would like to join our junior or senior lifesaving certification program, you should contact us as well and an official from the club will reach out to you. Please do not forget to crosscheck the compulsory requirements to join our adult certification programs as there shall be no waiver for anyone on any ground. If you cannot reach us via the address, please endeavor to get to us through the contact forms below the page.


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