Our lifesaving club is the most comprehensive lifesaving club in the country. We offer new and innovative aquatic activities that are aimed at giving your family and loved ones the required skills and techniques to hold their own while at the sea. We make sure you get the best training around especially for those who will be taking employment in the marine industry.

We also conduct community outreach and sensitization programs to assist communities in many of its numerous projects across several councils. Our club is built upon the rock solid foundation of teamwork, integrity, professionalism, and honesty. Many of our lifesavers today are currently leaders in the society both in their workplace, the home and in their communities.

We have a junior club and a senior club which takes care of both kids and adults. The junior club puts your children and ward in the direction of becoming a responsible lifesaver while having the right education and a lot of fun-filled activities along the way. We have a variety of programs which are suitable for the age of your child and these include Swimming Beat, Tread Carefully, and the Apnea Challenge for Children (ACC).

Apart from these programs, our kiddie members take part in national and international lifesaving competitions, a wide assortment of water sports, pool parties, leadership seminars, and wellness activities. If you would like the chance to give your children the benefit of being a part of this special group and learn some very important lifesaving skills week after week, then our lifesaving club is just the perfect answer you seek.

The senior club is tailored for young adults and older citizens who aspire to become Marine Instructors, and this is your only opportunity to have all the requisite skills in duration of three years. We have different stages and each stage is geared towards giving you the necessary skills which would be beneficial to you as a professional in an aquatic environment.

We give you programs in Marine Emergency Techniques (Level 1 – Level 5) and Marine Safety Instructor (Level 1 – Level 5), there is also the National Lifeguard course which is taken in your final year as our student. Apart from these activities, we include a lot of exciting programs that make being a member of our club one to always remember.

So what are you waiting for? Sign up with us today.