Our surf lifesaving club is unique amongst others in the sense that we perform other services which most lifesaving organizations will not or do not have the competence for. We give professional certification in lifesaving techniques for children aged 7 – 17.

Our training programs are one of the most renowned in the country and are tailored towards developing their sporting abilities for future use. We have trained and developed more than five hundred young children and transformed them into excellent lifeguards, and athletes in the society.

Our program concentrates on participating in activities such as surf safety lessons, board rescue and paddling, beach exercises, elemental resuscitation techniques with first aid treatment knowledge. The individual groups progress through an education framework that is suitable for their age category.

We also aim to foster more teamwork between participants as they get older and as these kids grow older, they may become selected for leadership training skills in different parts of the country. Our programs are done from the first week of August to the ending of September and it is run usually during the weekends from 8:30am to 6:45pm.


This program is for children aged 7 – 17 and runs for a full year until the end of the season unless a parent or guardian pays for subsequent years


We also run a professional beach lifeguard qualification program for adults who want to be professional lifesavers. This program is aimed at creating a new benchmark for safety in beach lifesaving. We started this program a few years ago and it is in line with the International Life Saving Federation beach proficiency program.

Our program is endorsed by a whole lot of professional and governmental institutions and is a course with a minimum of 60 hours intensive training accompanied by a practical exam on beach practices, underwater practical lessons and first aid amongst many others.

The certificate is renewable every three years and is quite useful for people who want to make a career out of lifesaving and it is a mandatory requirement for members who want to climb into leadership positions in our organization


  • Candidates for this professional program must be 18 years or older at the time of application.

  • Must have a reasonable fitness level.

  • Must be able to tread water for a minimum of 90 seconds.

  • Must have the ability to climb out of deep water without assistance or the aid of steps.

  • Must be able to dive below surface to the point of five feet.

  • Must have the ability to swim in the ocean especially in rough or choppy waters.

  • Candidates must be competent enough to swim in an Olympic sized swimming pool for 200 meter and must be able to do the first 25meters in less than 4minutes.


The examination holds annually at the end each session and is the major determinant in you getting a skilled job as a lifeguard in a beach environment. If you feel capable of enrolling for this course, please use the contact forms.