It is always fun and refreshing after a boring week at school, or a stressful day at work to go to the beach to unwind. There are lots of activities you could partake in such as building a sandcastle or playing a game of volleyball. Or if you want to relax you can log on to an online casino under the shade of an umbrella. Playing at online casinos today has become so simple with the rise of smartphones, so if that is something you enjoy we urge you to taka a look at some great uk casinos like BGO and PlayOJO. But before you do go ahead and read this great BGO casino review or this Mr Green review done by real professionals. There are several beach themed slots to play!

But you could also decide to have some water activities too for those who prefer the sea and these activities may include fishing, snorkeling swimming, and surfing.

If you are amongst the latter who prefer the water activities, sure you already know the basics of getting in the water. Despite this, there are still people who forget all what they have learnt, or go to sea and become enmeshed in one unfortunate mishap or the other. The sea although quite beautiful, holds a lot of dangerous secrets.

Sadly, these secrets can be quite fatal to the unwary if you do not know what to look out for. Apart from rogue waves, there are animals which you should steer clear of whenever you go out into the ocean. These are the ten deadliest animals to avoid while spending your day on the beach. So let us get the countdown running.

  1. Great White Shark

This shark is the most popular shark amongst the hundreds of shark species in the ocean. It is arguably the most popular apex predator alongside killer whales or orcas and has been a subject of the Hollywood movie industries starring in many horror movies. The Great White is a flesh eating – or should we say fat eating fish.

The “fat” annotation here is because great whites have been known to release a human after taking a first bite. This is because humans do not form part of their diet as they are known to only go for animals with a high fat content. Nonetheless, one bite from a Great White can still be fatal for you, and people who have survived an attack from this monster have had limbs missing in most instances.

This shark is one of the biggest sharks in the ocean and can grow to the size of three small cars stacked from back to front. With razor sharp serrated teeth, a great white is one sea animal to stay away from.

  1. Stonefish

This fish is extremely dangerous. This is because it has the ability to camouflage itself when hunting for prey. The downside to this is, humans do fall prey to its camouflaged colours. This fish weighs just 5 pounds, but unlike the great white, the danger posed by the stonefish is not in its size but in the 13 embedded spines on its body which contain very venomous glands.

The danger posed by this fish is its contact with humans who think it’s a piece of coral when they touch it or get stung by it when they step on it. The fish takes the crown as the deadliest fish in the world and anyone who gets stung must be treated immediately or death would be inevitable.

Box Jellyfish

There are many poisonous jellyfish in the ocean, but the one you should never ever come in contact with is the box jelly. This creature is deadly because it is a drifter. This makes it easy to come in contact with humans who may be swimming in the beach. The other reason is that the jellyfish need not come in direct contact with you to sting you. The venom is one of the most toxic venoms in the world and survivors usually have a tale to tell with the angry welt left after the attack.